Thursday, May 23, 2013

Smashed Jewels Boutique now carries Project Pinup in Canada!

I am sooooo excited to announce we now have a physical location in Canada where Project Pinup Accessories can be purchased locally!

Smashed Jewels is a new Edgy Clothing Boutique located in Lloydminster, Alberta Canada. It is owned by and Ashley Furness (Smash) and Julie Veltikold (Jewels). Smashed Jewels carries the latest but yet unique pieces in women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. They love to search for little gems all over the world, and bring something different to the city that no other stores carry. The boutique is set up so different styles can stand out on their own, ranging from a large Rockabilly Punk Rock skull section, to Bohemian /Vintage Chic and then a Glam section to cater to different women and their own unique style. They have new merchandise arriving daily to keep the collection fresh and current, and usually only carry one size run or a couple of the same accessory pieces so you know you are wearing a very unique piece. The girls pride themselves for being different and not following the standard path of society, and wants other ladies to feel the same, and express their individual style. They are also planning to sell online in the near future, so stay tuned! Until then, Follow them on Instagram  @smashedjewels and Facebook - Smashed Jewels Boutique!
Stop by their amazing store and support your local community! If you live too far away, check out pics of their badass boutique below!

 Smashed Jewels Boutique is located at 5405 44 Street Lloydminister, Alberta Canada, T9V 0A9

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zombie Time!

I am so bummed the Walking Dead season is over!! So here is a zombie tribute to all things awesome by some of my favorite sellers on etsy!

Robert Walker: "What Have We Done" Hand embellished canvas print $125. Available for Purchase Here Robert's art is also available at Missconstrued Boutique! He has many items available from original artwork to wallets!

Zombies gotta have friends too!! Grab this awesome necklace set for you and your brain-eating best buddy! By BeatBlack on etsy. Available here for $40

I absolutely love this brand!! Bloodbath has many amazing products to choose from! Their shower gels are so great! My favorite scent is the screamsicle! Available Here for $10

I purchased this a little while ago from Zed's Zombie Ranch and I actually get LESS solicitors! Once they see the sign, they split! Haha! You can get this along with many other great items here. This one is $28.

 Omg... I totally need these shoes in my wardrobe!! Like... RIGHT NOW! These babies are available here for $160 by NixxiRose

These are so badass!! LeftForDeadDesigns on etsy has amazing plugs and other items. Truely one of a kind jewelry you wont see on anyone else!

Well thats all for now! Hope you guys love everything as much as I do! <3 Feel free to comment!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Missconstrued Boutique is open with a whole new look!

Missconstrued Boutique is now reopen!! Come see the amazing new renovation of our new Black & White theme! We will also be open for first friday this week with many amazing vendors showcasing their art! 

There are over 60 different artists located in the shop, along with the house brand of Missconstrued. From gallery canvases, jewelry, clothing, and soaps, we have it all! There is even a salon in the back ran by our very own Danielle Ferguson from Hair or Dye! She does cuts, color and styling and is amazing at ombres! Contact her today to make your hair look totally rockin'!
Check in with your phone while in the shop and get 10% off!!!!

At work? Check out the online store

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Star Wars Photoshoot!

Its no surprise to anyone when they first meet me, that I am a huge Star Wars fan, as my favorite characters permanently engraved into my skin. Which is why I absolutely love incorporating Star Wars in my creations for Project Pinup.  Check out my latest shoot with a very dear friend of mine, Julie Bird!

 We had such a blast shooting this! This shot was actually one of the last shots of the day, but by far my favorite! Jawa's hold a special place in my heart!

Modeling the AT-AT Cameo Necklace.
 Julie's modeling one of my newest favorite pieces, the Darth Vader Cameo Necklace with Ornate Frame
 And of course the ever-so-popular Storm Trooper Bow!

Who doesnt like Boba Fett? He is such a bad ass! A bow sure way to steal any (geeky) man's heart!

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment! Check out our new website at and our etsy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How to make a Poison Ivy corset

Hi Everyone! So for Halloween this year I really couldn't decide what I wanted to be. I get tired of searching for costumes at a costume outlet for things that never fit right (I'm pretty tiny and short as a munchkin, and one size does not fit all!) so I decided that I was going to just make something as I normally end up doing every year. So the inspiration came a few days ago, sitting on my comfy pillow top couch watching Batman Returns with the gorgeous Uma Thurman. LIGHT BULB! Ive already got the red hair, which will be dyed more vibrant for the costume. (I know, I know, her hair was actually a shade between orange and red, but orange isn't really my color. So shut it!) :p

This project is super easy, just time consuming. Anyone can really make this, just takes a little patience and possibly a few swear words :)

Okay so what you will need is:

  • A plain corset with no embellishments or lace/trim etc. (Doesn't really matter what color it is, just make sure that it fits properly)
  • Hot glue (between 8-15 regular sticks) or e6000 (I usually prefer E6000 but it takes forever to dry and is quite expensive especially for a project that needs a lot of glue)
  • Glue gun (if you are using hot glue)
  • Silk leaves- I used a bunch that I had left over from making bridal bouquets, hair clips and other floral projects for my online shop. If you don't have any, you can purchase them at hobby lobby or michaels. I prefer hobby lobby especially when they have their sales!
  • Floral Cutting Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife

And any other embellishments you might want to use such as glitter, sequins, beads, twine, etc.

Oh and it REALLY helps if you have a mannequin. When you use the hot glue on the mannequin, it helps form to the body (especially the boobs!)

Step 1:

First start heating your glue gun so it gets nice and hot to use for gluing the leaves onto the corset. While that is getting hot, start cutting all the leaves off any stems/branches. You want to get the stem of the leaf pretty close so there isn't any pokies sticking out to get ya. You can also reshape any leaves that you dont like the shape of by cutting them with the scissors.

Step 2:
I would start at the bust part and start figuring out the placement of how you want the leaves to come over the bust. I chose 2 very large leaves to show a pointy kind of top to accentuate the corset. I also saved a large one for the bottom middle part of the corset.. show you that in a few steps.

 Step 3.

 Okay, so once you figured out the design you want to go with, start gluing the leaves. Make sure that when you glue the leaves, you leave a little border around the edge empty so that when you place other leaves around it, you can squeeze them in and wont show any glue. Like this:

  Make sure when you are gluing the top, do not glue the top part of the leaves that will be above the corset! If you do see any glue sticking out, use your exacto knife to peel the glue off and trim.

Step 4.

Now that most of the top border has been done, I recommend doing the bottom edges as well. I did more of a "V" shape with mine. You can always layer leaves on top of other layers  to make them longer. Same rule applies as with the top edges, watch where you are gluing, as the parts hang off wont need glue, only the parts that are being glued on the corset or layers.

Step 5.

Start gluing the middle, the pattern you want to show most with your leaves. Now my corset was this cheapy little thing I found at goodwill that hooks in the front and laces in the back. I sewed mine shut so there wouldn't be an issue with it opening and ripping any leaves off. You can also glue over it of you don't want to sew.

Make sure when you are gluing that you place each leave over or under one another so none of the corset shows. Also I made sure that none of the ends of my leaves where the stems grow shows as well, by layering each one strategically.

Step 6.

Start filling in the rest! I did my top leaves pointing up, the middle blended between up and down and sideways leaves, and the bottom I did leaves pointing to the ground.

Step 7.

Glue down any ones that may be flaring up, but don't go crazy with the glue! You still want a little texture, as if the leaves are growing on the bodice. (Me hard at work!)

Step 8.

Add glitter or any embellishments you may want to accentuate the cute little corset you just made!

I'm going to add mine a little bit later, but here is the final result without embellishments:


Hope everyone likes it! And I would love to see what you made! You can email me finished pictures of your project at

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