Saturday, March 30, 2013

Star Wars Photoshoot!

Its no surprise to anyone when they first meet me, that I am a huge Star Wars fan, as my favorite characters permanently engraved into my skin. Which is why I absolutely love incorporating Star Wars in my creations for Project Pinup.  Check out my latest shoot with a very dear friend of mine, Julie Bird!

 We had such a blast shooting this! This shot was actually one of the last shots of the day, but by far my favorite! Jawa's hold a special place in my heart!

Modeling the AT-AT Cameo Necklace.
 Julie's modeling one of my newest favorite pieces, the Darth Vader Cameo Necklace with Ornate Frame
 And of course the ever-so-popular Storm Trooper Bow!

Who doesnt like Boba Fett? He is such a bad ass! A bow sure way to steal any (geeky) man's heart!

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